Samurai costumes

What’s modern and ancient? How would it be like if we put them together?

June 19, 2019

Samurai culture has been an important part of Japanese history, it is famous for its loyalty, ready to sacrifice for their country, with the tough warrior spirit and the cool outfits. Bass guitar, it belongs to the kids who love rock and roll culture, what if, we put those two together.
See what chemistry they will have. So we designed a custom Samurai playing bass guitar costumes, you judge if it’s good or bad.

Samurai costumes

So here it goes the Samurai with his whole outfits on, standing in the moonlight, holding his bass guitar. Maybe inside of that iron outfit, he is actually a rock star, but who knows? There’s only one thing I know that’s you definitely should have this cool costumes! Cool designed only for you, excellent printing technology, and what’s more, if you get it now.
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