black widow costume

Superhero Black Widow Cosplay Costumes Idea Solicitation

October 30, 2019

Who has not drooled before the magnificent work of some cosplayers? Who has never said “it is too beautiful I would like to make one but I do not have the level” etc? We all started at one point, we were all afraid to miss, me first. Even now I still have little confidence in myself, in my work and even to get into contests for example. This is why in this article I will give you some tips for those who would like to start in cosplay, get into their first cosplay but who are afraid, who do not know where to start. For the Superhero Black Widow Costumes Idea Solicitation this is important.

black widow costume

How to choose a character

To begin, it is better to choose a character from a universe that we know or appreciate (basically the opposite of me). This will allow you to be more confident when you wear your cosplay because you will know his story, his character and so on.

There are different ways to choose your cosplay:

  • physical / character resemblance
  • cosplay called “cloth” (no armor, no weapon, ideal to start)
  • the character pleases us by his character, his physique
  • the character, we find it nice and must not try to understand XD

Tip: do not be afraid to choose a character whose physique is different from yours. It will happen that people make you notice that you do not look like the character, that you should not have done this cosplay, that you massacre the character etc. IT DOES NOT MATTER! You want to cosplay this character, do it. The others do not have to choose for you, there will always be jealous, rage who will make inappropriate comments. Do not forget it’s already great that you dare to take the plunge in the world of cosplay. From Cossuits you get the best info now.

How to make a costume

To begin, establish your budget. The money you can put will determine the choice and quality of the materials needed. When your budget is determined, begins the loooongue (or not) period of research, it is often said “google is your friend” and this is really the case especially in the cosplay x)

black widow costume

Already you will need reference images, maybe your character has several outfits, you choose the one you prefer. This will also allow you to see the character and the outfit from all angles to better help you, see the small details of the outfit, how is the outfit when you see it from back etc.

Once you have all your reference images, you can sketch each part of the costume to help you imagine the confection, see how you could make the patterns. If you’re not comfortable, you can start looking for patterns that are similar to certain pieces and then adapt them. If you still do not know how to do some parts, look for WIP (Work In Progress) other cosplayers. It is common that above we see a little the manufacturing process, the coslayer could write what material he / she used but also how he did.

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